Software Development - is the art of possible product.

Software Development happens in a complex domain (refer Stacey's Graph or Cynefin framework); there are more unknowns than knowns in software systems. There are always risks, market constraints, people are not predictable, technology limitations; yet, we build the software believing in the product that is possible.

Inspect and Adapt

Knowledge is acquired primarily via sensory experiences; that is how we have evolved as humans. But while developing software we keep these experiences aside and work on plans to ensure success. Let us break those shackles and embrace empiricism. Let us go back to basics and start learning from our experiences. Let us inspect our process, tools, requirements, people frequently and adapt as and when variances are identified. Let Us evolve!!

Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose - Dan Pink

When people are working on tasks which involve cognitive skills, decision making or creative thinking; extrinsic factors like rewards, bonuses result in lower performances. People are not motivated enough by such extrinsic factors. Instead, what brings more satisfaction and motivation to such people is the sense of purpose, achievement and contribution.

Agility cannot be planned. - Gunther Verheyen

Agile is a mindset which needs to be cultivated over a period of time by living and respecting the values and principles of manifesto for agile software development. Agility does not happen overnight nor can it be planned; in-fact it needs to be nurtured as a tree. Agility is about opportunistic discovery; agility is about being responsive; agility is about embracing unpredictability.

My tryst with Agile

I was introduced to Agile, specifically to Scrum in 2011. In last six years a lot has changed in and around me. I was among the first wave of resistance to change, today I am a dedicated agile convert and a proponent of Scrum. It has not been a long journey but it is rewarding and it is going to continue.

When I started my journey with Scrum, I was Scrum developer. Responsible for creating the increment, yet often found myself busy with one or other "ceremonies". Really didn't enjoy spending time on anything else besides developing applications. Being a poet at heart, I wrote couple of haikus explaining my pain

En-route to development
I met
A Meeting

Life of a developer
Balancing act
Developing in mid of scrum calls

On a dinner date
Pager beeps
Merge finished build failed

That's how I felt at that point of time. Without really understanding Scrum, we were simply following some rituals and it was troubling more than helping us.

But that was then; today it's a different experience altogether. I walked out of those old habits and started learning and understanding about agile and Scrum. At a later point got to play the role of Scrum Master, and started helping teams to understand Scrum. I have experienced Scrum work for me and the teams I have worked with. This created a strong belief that it is one of the most powerful implementations of Agile values and principles.

Recently Penned!!

The rules of Scrum

The rules of Scrum

Scrum, is a framework to address complex adaptive problems while creatively and productively delivering products of highest possible value. To start doing Scrum, all we need is 3 Roles, 3 Artifacts and 5 Events. These are the 11 essentials of Scrum. Then, there are rules and guidelines described throughout the...
Understanding Scrum……Sprint Retrospective (Part 12 of 12)

Understanding Scrum……Sprint Retrospective (Part 12 of 12)

The last event to happen in a Sprint is the Sprint Retrospective. The cadence is set as per the Sprint. It happens just after the Sprint Review and before the next Sprint Planning event. Sprint Retrospective The Sprint Retrospective that follows the Sprint Review is an event for the Scrum team...
Understanding Scrum……Sprint Review (Part 11 of 12)

Understanding Scrum……Sprint Review (Part 11 of 12)

Towards the end of the Sprint two important events happen – Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective. In this post we will explore; understand Sprint Review and break couple of myths around Sprint Review. Sprint Review The Sprint Review happens at the end of the Sprint. At Sprint Review the Scrum...

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