Have there been times when you felt yourself in a state of “flow”. Everything, every project of yours just worked like a charm. Although, at some other times nothing ever clicked. Was there a time when it was real easy to connect with someone and then there was a time when a discussion simply went on in never ending loops? Ever wondered why?

What went wrong? If nothing changed, you were the same person then why weren’t you able to execute a project as seamlessly as you executed a similar project earlier? Why weren’t you able to drive a discussion as easily as you could have?

Well, seasoned coach Timothy (Tim) Gallwey has an explanation. In his bestseller book “The Inner Game”, Tim states that every game is composed of two parts. An outer game and an inner game. The outer game is the game with an external opponent to reach an external goal. The inner game happens within the mind of the player. This is played against obstacles like self-doubt, nervousness, lack of concentration, regrets and self-condemnation. The outer game mastery cannot be achieved if the inner game is neglected.

Achieving excellence is all about mastering your inner game. A total belief in the likelihood of your success. True potential is unlocked when you let go of any self-doubt, fear of failure, nervousness or lack of concentration. When the interference from thoughts is removed, a state of concentration – where no thoughts of how/how-to’s occur – is achieved and mind becomes one with body; that is when excellence is achieved.

Tim Gallwey also explains a great equation:

Performance (P) = potential (p) – interference (i)

I have been working with individuals – professionals and students – to reach their peak performance by tapping into their potential and identifying interference. I support individuals as they master their inner game thus guiding them on the path of achieving excellence.

Will working with a coach help me?

As an achiever you might have already observed that at times you perform astonishingly well, when things just “flowed”, you have a momentum of getting things done. And at times it didn’t work out as planned, the pieces didn’t fit together. It just didn’t seem right. What was the difference?

You may go ahead and also ask yourself

  • Am I able to tap into my full potential always?
  • Why is it that I start with so much enthusiasm, just to find myself dragging my feet later on?
  • What can I do to keep performing at my best?
  • How can I keep myself motivated all the time?
  • There is so much interference, how do I grow beyond it?
  • I am being pulled in so many directions right now, how do I focus?

If you are struggling to find out the answers for yourself then working with a coach will definitely help you. You would want to schedule a face to face or telephonic session, absolutely free of cost to know more about it.

As a coach I will be able to support you to identify what are the conditions for you to achieve excellence; when is it that you are the peak performer and how can you tap into this super achiever self of yours on-demand.

I can also help you with

Personal Change Work

Become “one” with yourself and unlock your true potential. Strengthen your boundaries, expand your limits. Find out “how” to get out of your comfort zone and realize your dreams, goals and mission. As you take these steps, I will be your guide and hold you accountable.

Business Coaching

For an organization to remain relevant it has to undergo a change. This requires a positive intent and support. Within the business setting the executives, leaders, managers, all have to work to improve personal effectiveness. I will be your coach to discover what matters to you and how to get it.

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