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Marc Andreessen, in 2011, wrote that “Software is eating the world” and it is true to this day. The influence of software and digital organisations has become more prominent over the last decade. Every aspect of our lives is now touched by software. Software drives everything, from buying groceries to automating home/office.

We are living in the age of VUCA world and so thinking that we do not have to go the digital way would be a foolish notion. Going digital is no more an option, it is just a matter of time. And in such times, applying traditional approaches to solve our business problems would be an equally foolish assumption. There is no better time than NOW to make the scale tip towards a digital transformation and embrace the new normal of product development – Agile.

However, Digital Transformation or Agile Transformation is highly disruptive and complex process. It not only impacts your “Ways of Working” but also challenges existing organisational and cultural beliefs. The transformation also asks for huge investment. When done with little or no expertise on-board, it will yield results that are counter-productive.

The biggest challenge that I have experienced with such a transformation is lack of a clear goal. Organisations, often take the big bang approach and later there focus is only on assessing the maturity of their IT teams. The interest is more to know if they are following some practices instead of understanding whether they are delivering value or not.

In my experience, agility is never an end state. Neither it is about getting some practices in place. To me it is embodying a culture, a mindset that is focuses on delivery of valuable outcomes which lead to customer satisfaction.

Lean-Agile principles are the foundation for my transformation approach. When a transformation is led in an Agile manner, it tends to deliver better results. It provides us multiple opportunities to Inspect and Adapt so that we can deliver outcomes that create maximum business impact.

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Agile Training

Whether you want to know the basics of Agile or you want to take a deeper dive with a professional certification. Become aware of fundamentals of frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, XP or scale up your skills to support enterprises. I will be your learning partner and professional trainer to help you make the most of your learning experiences.

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