Abundance, Happiness and Growth

The power comes from within.

You are resourceful enough to overcome your challenges.

Maximize your personal and professional potential

Between every stimulus and response; there is a whole wide world, a world of "Choice".

It entirely depends on you, what you choose. Forgiveness over holding grudge; calmness over anger; patience over anxiety; happiness over sorrow; growth over complacency; no matter what it might be; the choice has always been and will always be yours.

People are not simply what they think but also what they prefer to choose. All the little-big choices that we make in our wake, every day, define our behavior; make us who we are. Even the smallest changes in our choices now can cause a huge impact in the later stages of life.

The "butterfly effect" -
the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which small change in one set of deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.
is not only relevant in chaos theory but is very much applicable in our individual lives. An example - (very much in Indian context) when a student chooses a stream of education as early as in 10th grade, that almost defines the students future career. Similarly, another example - (applicable everywhere) as an investor the amount you decide to be invested in your retirement plan, will define the RoI that you would get at your retirement.
These choices no matter how small they seem to be, define our present and the future that we want for ourselves. You might not be even aware of certain choices that you are making in this very moment but these very choices are going to impact a whole new course of action for you. This course of action will then craft a life of either complacence and incompetence or greatness and abundance for you.

Over the years, I have been making conscious choices of abundance, happiness and growth; thus creating fulfillment and balance in my life, and in the lives of people around me.

As a coach and practitioner, I will be greatly satisfied to assist you in overcoming your biases, letting go of your fears and make these conscious choices to lead a fulfilling and balanced life enriched with abundance, happiness and growth.

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