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7+ years

Coaching Experience

19+ years

Industry Experience

Hello, I am Piyush Rahate.

You are awesome and I coach exceptionally talented individuals like you who are aspiring to be better and willing to create a life of fulfilment, purpose and happiness.

A bit about myself:

I come from technology background with a Masters degree in Computers. 7 years ago, I met my coach and realized the benefits of working with a coach. It also triggered a desire to be a coach to help others overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve their goals. Now, I have taken the onus to be of service to talented individuals and help them create a life they desire.

My vision is to:

Help people improve their thinking patterns so that they can bring a positive change in their lives.


  • Master of Computer Applications
  • Bachelor of Science – Computers

Coaching Credentials

  • Advanced Diploma in NLP Coaching
  • ICP-ACC Agile Coaching

Additional Credentials

  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Professional Scrum Trainer –
  • SAFe Program Consultant – Scaled Agile

My Coaching Journey:

In my younger days I was told by one of my teachers that “achievers also have just 24 hours in a day, how they put those hours to use makes all the difference”. Since that day, I believe everyone can be an achiever. Although, even with that powerful thought with me I have felt stranded and stagnant, I have felt disassociated and disengaged. At times, I also felt if I was an impostor who is trying to reach beyond his abilities. It all changed when I met my coach. He made me realize my true potential and the possibilities that I have. With the coach working with me, I achieved my goal of becoming a “Professional Trainer” and join an elite community of just over 300 professionals worldwide. I still continue to work with my coach.

With that experience I realized the power of coaching. Now, as a coach myself I am on a journey to be of service to individuals who aspire to be better, have ambitions and can walk that extra mile to realize their dreams of life that is full of abundance, fulfillment, success and joy.

With my personal experience and while coaching many others, I have come to firmly believe that joy of living comes when one lives a life that is in agreement with one’s core values. In my coaching sessions I help clients connect with their innermost values to attain fulfillment, balance and purpose in their life.  I partner with them as they embark on an enriching journey of unlocking their full potential and tapping into their peak performance.

In working with my clients, I bring in over 19 years of varied real-world experience, focus and commitment to help them find their path to success. I consider it to be an honor to be of service to my clients to help them overcome any limiting beliefs and become an awesome version of themselves. I am also grateful to my clients because their journeys have enriched my life experiences.

Want to learn how a coach can help?

Drop me a note to schedule a free 30 minute session to understand how coaching can help you establish clear goals and create a charter to achieve them.

Let’s connect socially:

1207, 115 Hillcrest, Hurantorio Street, Mississauga, Canada – L5B 3Y9

MON-FRI: 10 – 17

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