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Ikigai – popular yet widely misunderstood

Ikigai – popular yet widely misunderstood Ikigai, is a Japanese concept made of two words, iki=>life and gai=>worth/purpose. It is about finding what makes your life worth living. In other…

Powerful Questions – Ask to understand

Coaching operates in the very premise that the client is intelligent and is the only person who fully comprehends her challenges. Thus, the only person expert enough to find the…

Do not hold a frame!

For any interaction to be meaningful, knowing the context of interaction is very important. A typical example of context is how two people, standing at two different points perceive the…

Being Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional Intelligence is one of few keywords that keep making buzz in the coaching paradigm. More often than not people think that it is about being aware about one’s emotions.…
smart goals

SMART Goals – How To?

Every now and then we craft goals for ourselves; every new year we take a resolution and all the time we procrastinate achieving our goals or we simply do not…

The basics of NLP

Why NLP? Everyone of us wants something different for ourselves. We have some goals to achieve or dreams to pursue. Yet, often in the pursuit of our goals and dreams,…

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