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Career Coaching

When you ask someone, how is your job coming along? Often times you would hear the answer – “Ah getting along,  nothing exciting”. You might ask the same question to yourself, do you hear a similar answer? Well, if you do nothing wrong with it. Like I said, it is not uncommon to feel so. We often start a new job, a career with lot of passion and enthusiasm. Slowly, as the newness of the job wears out and it becomes routine, we tend to disengage or disassociate with it. 

There is another aspect to it as well. Sometimes, the job we took with so much of enthusiasm comes with its share of challenges or probably the work environment itself is not conducive enough. This often times makes us loose our focus and creates frustration, anxiety and even stress. None of which helps us to perform better at work.

I have been quite lucky in over 16 years of my professional career to have worked with best organisations, teams, leaders and people; yet I have also had my share of ups and downs in my career and those have been great learning experiences for me. 

Are you at a point where you think it’s time to make a switch but are unsure? Or probably there are some challenges at your workplace, which if addressed will help you to work better? Let us connect and explore your possibilities.

As your Coach and partner in this process, I will help you to:

  • Discover the work that inspires you
  • Discover and build skills, expertise that is required for your dream job.
  • Identify your short term, long term professional goals and create strategy to achieve them.
  • Overcome any limiting beliefs, self-doubt and gain confidence to get the job you want.
  • Unblock your creative mojo.
  • Define and prioritize your work.
  • Address any nagging problems that are interfering with your potential.
  • Identify conditions that propel you towards excellence.
  • Focus on small steps that would keep you moving forward.
  • Become efficient and creative by organizing your work
  • Hold you accountable for your plans and actions.

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Thank you Piyush

Thank you Piyush for inspiring me with thoughtful discussions,that has made me understand people and situations with different perspectives.

Susheela Kumari Bharadwaj

Seasoned Coach

Piyush is a seasoned coach who helped me achieve my goals persistently. Regular follow ups by Piyush ensures that I am on track and don’t deviate from my goals. His quick responses has always made sure that I am not left without a coach anytime. Thanks Piyush.

Yasub Hashmi

Practical Guidance

Piyush is one of the best Agile coaches I have ever met. His guidance, teachings and practical explanations of agile practices helped my team to achieve their improvement goals and make agile fun. His classroom sessions are amazing, pragmatic and worth to break the monotony of day today anti-patterns.

Apoorv Pathak

WoW effect

I was bit apprehensive towards coaching initially but within our first connect itself, Piyush helped me to understand how coaching works and overcome my apprehensions. With his vast experience and coaching skills he creates a “wow effect” during sessions. He made me realize many aspects which I overlooked most of the times. This has helped me to be in more sync with myself and move towards my goals.

S Pankaj

Easy to approach

Piyush is very approachable and never fails to provide new perspectives on problems. He is not of the kind who gives you a potential solution and leave but instead shares the burden along with you and partner you in the journey to explore the solutions.

Vikram Singh Shekhawat

Passionate coach

His passion for coaching and openness for learning sets him apart from most coaches. The thing which I liked most in Piyush was his ability to coach people in the way best suits them. He doesn’t like to follow a set path, rather he loves to take a path which his coachee would like to follow and then coaches them to follow a right path.

Sunil Kumar SV

Let’s connect socially:

813, Defence Colony, Sainikpuri, Hyderabad, India – 500094

MON-FRI: 10 – 17
SAT: 10 – 13

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